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10 spooky things about skeletons

Skeletons are a Halloween staple for sure—an unsettling symbol of our human mortality. So much so that in the early 1700s the skeleton form was popularized by sea pirates—many of whom hoisted the skull-and-crossbones of the “Jolly Roger” pirate flag as a symbol of intimidation, raised when a ship was in striking distance. Here are [...]

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how to use good clean mud

Good Clean Mud isn't like other soap- or detergent-based cleansers. It looks like mud, but gets off grime. This simple, chemical-free cleanser just may change the way you wash up. It's essentially a mixture of bentonite clay, vegetable oils and citrus essential oils, so it's chemical-free, non-abrasive and gentle on your skin. 1. The consistency [...]

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Good Clean Mud product review

Awesome product reviewWe rang in the new year with a really nice email from a friend who shared our Good Clean Mud and balms with family members who work in firefighting, restaurant, and sheet metal worker trades:“Your hand/foot care products were a HUGE hit with my family. Nephew Paul (firefighter) says he can help you sell your [...]

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