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Skincare Tips for Your Next Outdoor Adventure


Spring, summer, winter or fall—every season is perfect for exploring the great outdoors. Whether it’s a summer hike or winter camping trip, a good outdoorsman knows how to prepare for an adventure. From planning your route to packing your boots, you have a routine that works best for you. At Fieldworks Supply Company we believe that protecting your skin against harsh weather and environmental conditions should be part your adventure routine. Sun, wind, snow and dirt can all wreak havoc on your skin and rob it of the protective moisture it needs to stay healthy and looking its best. Outdoor adventurists know to pack water (and a little whiskey), but we recommend that you consider these essential skincare tips for your next outdoor adventure:

Planning Your Trip

  • Drink up! Drink plenty of water before you leave so that your skin is hydrated and your body is ready for physical activity.
  • Understand the environment: know the weather conditions and the impact they will have on your skin so that you can pack appropriately.
  • Cold and windy conditions: cold weather can rob your skin of moisture and cause skin to dry and crack. Be sure to pack an intensive moisturizer to soothe your chapped skin. 
  • Sun exposure: depending on temperature and elevation, sun exposure can result in harsh sunburns. Always bring more than enough sunscreen.
  • Rugged environments: brush and rocks can result in scratches and scrapes. Bring ointments and bandages to clean and treat abrasions.
  • Check expiration dates: skincare products do go bad! Typically they have a shelf life of 2 years, after which their effectiveness and scents may deteriorate.

Out and About in the Great Outdoors

  • Moisturize: Be sure to carry your moisture balm with you and reapply as needed during breaks.
  • Stay hydrated: Remember to stop for frequent water breaks, and drink more than enough liquids.
  • Layer up: Wear layers that will block out sun, deflect wind and prevent dehydration.
  • Don’t forget about your feet: Long hours stuffed in hiking boots can do a number on your feet, causing them to ache, sweat and callous. Applying a good, natural foot balm before heading out (or even after) can make your feet more comfortable, which is pretty valuable when your active and outdoors.


  • Continue to hydrate: long strenuous activity increases your body’s need for water, even if you drink throughout the day.
  • Soothe your skin: routinely apply your moisture balm not only to the parts of your body that were exposed during your adventure, but also the other parts that were concealed.
  • Take inventory: what products did you use the most of? Are they near the end of their shelf life? Be sure to toss old products and replenish your stock so you are ready for your next big outdoor adventure!

Bonus! A Fieldworks Supply Company Packing List

What essential skincare products should you bring on your next outdoor adventure? Choose environmentally sustainable solutions that are made with all-natural ingredients. Keep your face, feet and skin healthy and happy with these items:

Moisturizing: Reach for products that are thick, oil-based and contain healing natural herbs, like our Weather Ready Hand Repair. Apply to your face, hands, lips and exposed skin to stay moisturized.

Foot care: Use Feet of Endurance Protective Foot Balm. Apply the foot balm containing feet-friendly botanicals before you head out for a long day in boots. Reapply at bedtime for overnight healing. Ginger aids circulation, which helps your sore feet recover faster from a long day in boots. Natural antifungal herbs help with odor, itching and flaky skin.

Washing up: Bring a liquid castile soap, like our Hose Off Body wash, a biodegradable product that will minimize your environmental footprint. The wash contains natural bentonite clay, which helps draw grime away from the skin and thanks to natural essential oils, you’ll smell like the great outdoors, too.

When planning for your next outdoor adventure, there is no such thing as being overly prepared to protect and treat your skin!

Bring these Skincare Solutions on your Next Outdoor Adventure