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A manly natural cologne splash for dads and grads


How to Smell Like the Great Outdoors

Introducing Badlands Natural Cologne Splash

Picking the perfect scent is like discovering your favorite whisky: 

You try different grains, labels and vintages, and once you find the one you love—you never look back. At Fieldworks Supply Company, we’ve been hearing for years that our customers love the signature scent of our products so much that they wished we offered a cologne version.

Well finally we’ve done it. We’ve taken the Fieldworks essential oil blend—so evocative of open grassland and pine forests of the Great Outdoors—and combined it with botanical pheremones that perfectly complement a man's own manly chemistry. The result is a scent that perfectly captures the bigness of the earth and sky—the perfect complement to manly adventure.

You may know that pheremones are nature’s chemical signals that animals use to find a mate. Ours pack the punch, but with no harm to animals, because they’re 100% plant derived (vegan)! Is it you or the cologne? Well, it's you, of course, handsome devil. But it doesn't hurt to have nature on your side, either.

Have you ever smelled something that brought you back to a particular memory? Certain scents just plain trigger our memory and impact our moods. Why? Smells are processed in our brain’s olfactory bulb which closely interacts with the amygdala (memory) and hippocampus (emotional) areas of our brains. If you have a fond memory of a summer hike, the smell of pine trees and sunshine may remind you of a certain epic adventure.

  • Splash on a bit of our Badlands Cologne and take that essence of the great outdoors with you wherever you go.

Embrace the great outdoors with Badlands Cologne Splash.