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​From the Campsite to the Saloon: The Best Men’s Facial Hair Styles


Every now and then, even the manliest of men need to take a break from the wilderness. After a long week of camping, mountaineering or wrangling cattle how do you get ready for a night out at the saloon? One simple way to go from drab to dapper is to clean up your facial hair. We’ve outlined how to achieve a few of our favorite facial hair styles that will leave you lookin’ so sharp, you’ll be guaranteed to break a couple o’ hearts.

Always Start with a Clean Face

Whether you are going for a rugged look or a clean shave, it’s important to prepare your beard and skin before shaving. Use warm water and a chemical free cleanser to wash your face. This simple process softens your facial hair for a smoother shave and keeps your skin moisturized to protect it from drying out.

Three Simple Facial Hair Styles

After you’ve scrubbed your face of dirt and oil, clean up your beard with one of these facial hair styles:

  • 1.The Five O’Clock Shadow: Dress it up or dress it down, the Five O’clock shadow is a low-maintenance shave that can quickly take you from the campsite to the local saloon. To achieve this classic look:

Step 1: Trim your long beard short to a manageable length. We recommend using a professional
grade trimmer and shave oil to protect your face from nicks or cuts.

Step 2: Set your trimmer to a low setting and evenly shave your facial hair.

Step 3: Shave your neck hair short so that your five o’clock shadow has a clean edge.

Bonus Tip: If you want a “darker” shadow, increase your trimmer setting,

  • 2.The Perfect Fade: Similar to the Five O’Clock shadow, the perfect fade is a rugged beard style that is great for work or play. To get this facial hair style:

Step 1: Adjust your trimmer to setting 3 and trim your entire beard so that it is an even length.

Step 2: Switch your trimmer to setting 1 and shave from the middle of your neck to just a couple of inches below your jaw.

Step 3: To finish the perfect fade, use setting 2 to trim the remaining facial hair below your jaw to create the perfect transition between the shorter hair on your neck and longer hair on your face.

  • 3.A Clean Shave: Sometimes you just need to take it all off! For a fresh and clean feeling before a night on the town, try out this classic look. Follow these steps for a nice smooth shave:

Step 1: With a low setting, trim your beard from your neck up to your side burns.

Step 2: Wet your face and apply your favorite chemical free shave soap or gel.

Step 3: Using a high quality razor blade, glide the razor over your neck, cheeks, chin and mustache. Avoid dull blades to protect your skin against razor burn.

Step 4: For an extra close shave, re-lather your shave soap or gel and gently shave against the grain.

Step 5: After you’re satisfied with your shave, rinse your face with cool water. The colder temperature will soothe your freshly shaven skin and will slow bleeding if you’ve nicked yourself.

Step 6: Apply an all-natural, alcohol free shaving elixir to prevent dry skin and razor burn.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to rinse your rinse your razor in cool water between strokes!

At Fieldworks, we want to help you get the most comfortable shave you can. We created a shaving product line that works on all skin types. Made from natural ingredients, our products are chemical free and contain soothing and healing essential oils, herbs and ingredients that will leave your freshly shaven face moisturized and smooth.

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