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​How to make Camp Coffee like the old guys did!


How to make Camp Coffee like the old guys used to

Camping in the old days used to be a fairly simple affair. On your next camping trip, try making coffee the way the old guys used to for a little bit of authentic trail taste. Traditional camp coffee or “cowboy coffee” includes just three simple elements: cold water, ground coffee (coarse or fine) and a pan. The idea is simple:

  • 1.Toss about 2 tablespoons of grounds per cup of coffee you want to make into the pot.
  • 2.Throw in the same number of cups of cold water.
  • 3.Bring to a boil.
  • 4.Remove from the heat and let steep 4-5 minutes (cover with a lid, to keep it hot).
  • 5.To settle the coffee grounds before serving, add a little cold water to the pot and pour slowly and carefully.

An alternate method involves packing an old-school percolator. It’s a little more gear to carry, but it keeps the grounds separated from the coffee and is easier to handle. It’s also the traditional method of ranchers and homesteaders (like my granddad)… and great if you’re someone who likes their coffee piping hot.

  • 1.Add about 5 tbs coarse-ground coffee to the basket (about 1 ½ tbs per 6-8 oz of water the percolator pot will hold). If you have fine-ground coffee, bring a paper filter.
  • 2.Add cold water and bring to a boil. Let the coffee percolate for a few minutes. The longer it perks, the stronger and more “boiled” it will taste. Let your nose tell you when it’s done. About 3-4 minutes should be plenty.
  • 3.Add a little cold water or milk to your cup to cool it down. Add a dash of cinnamon (optional), and enjoy.

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