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our warmest thanks and gratitude go out to these fine news media who have written nice things about us.



Thank you, MadeMan.com, for including our Face of Danger After-Shave Elixir as the perfect accompaniment to your Movember grooming routine.


MaleStandard.com picked Fieldworks Supply Company as one of its Best In Grooming at the Project Show in Las Vegas.


Men's Health called our Another Close Shave Gel one of the 1o best small-batch grooming products for men. 



Our Good Clean Mud was featured as a Popular Mechanics pick in their recent D.I.Y. issue.


Our products smell like they belong in the great outdoors, sure... but while we formulate them for men, women find them totally worth stealing and using themselves. Thank you, Cult of Pretty, for pointing that out.


At Eagles Camp, FoxSports.com interviewed veteran quarterback Mark Sanchez about a care package he received that contained our Hose Off Body Wash and Work Horse Sore Muscle Rub. "A bottle of body wash is always important after a sweaty practice,” Sanchez told FOXSports.com.


They featured our Weather-Ready Hand Repair last winter, and this month followed up with a spotlight on our Good Clean Mud."There's no more natural way to get the grime off after a tough day toiling in the soil. It works to soften and lift away grime, letting you easily rinse off any mess you might have acquired during your chores. It's completely free of any nasty chemicals — setting it apart from your typical soaps — so you don't need to worry about putting the wrong stuff on your skin."


They described our Good Clean Mud as "eco chic." "Good Clean Mud comes in a 12-ounce jar and contains only six all-natural ingredients — bentonite clay, coconut oil, olive oil and essential oils of pink grapefruit, lime and lemon peel — to soften skin and leave it smelling good."


Self Magazine just gave us a nice review in this article that focuses on how we use clay in personal care products you wouldn't expect... like balms, cleansers and body wash. Yep. We march along to a different drummer. Was this editor happy with the results? Check it and see.


Sunset Magazine named our Good Clean Mud Hand Cleanser one of its "Best in the West Picks" in June, 2014. The editor who reviewed our Mud is an avid bicycler with greasy hands. We're always glad to help a fellow biker.


GearCulture provides men a modern and dynamic online collection of the best in men’s gear, rides, fashion and more. They had these words of encouragement for trying our Weather-Ready Hand Repair: "Weather Ready Hand Repair Balm is a soft, scented treat for your mitts and all they touch. It even has Frankincense too and if it was good enough for baby Jesus then it's darn well good enough for you too." Passionately put, GearCulture!



Uncrate.com gave a nice shout-out to our Weather-Ready Hand Repair, adding it to its grooming page. The readers of Uncrate.com visited us in great numbers, and we are grateful for that. From the nice customer reviews we received, we can tell those Uncrate readers were grateful, too.


Esquire Magazine named Weather-Ready Hand Repair one of its top winter grooming picks.



The Dapper Society did a thorough and thoughtful review of our Bar None Body Soap Brick recently... as well as a detailed review of our Another Close Shave Gel. Big thanks, J.C.!



Many thanks to Craig the Barber's The Men's Room blog for reviewing our Another Close Shave Gel. Check out our review and then do check out the rest of his blog. Some really great shave tips can be found there.



The Rose City Groom and Shave blog gave our products a very thoughtful review. This is a nice overview that would be a good help to anyone wanting to know how our products perform from the perspective of a smart shave reviewer with a keen eye for detail.



The Oregonian newspaper in our hometown of Portland, Oregon, had nice things to say about our young company. D.K. Rowe, you are a real pro and champ, and we thank you.